With sixty years of tea experience and enthusiasm, our local tea experts are dedicated to crafting innovative and premium teas. Our teas are from the very best resource, Lugu and Sun- Link-Sea, Nantou, Taiwan. Selling to over 60 counties, we would like to take more premium Taiwan tea to the world.

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Partnership / Group Buying

Boba Chic insists on using pyramid tea bags and high quality aluminum package to preserve the best quality of tea leaves and tea powder. As a raw material supplier, we have sold to over 60 countries around the world. Now, we start a new brand, Boba Chic, and would like to have partnerships with online business, distributors and group buyers, and anyone would like our brand concept.

Brand Licensing / Teashop Courses

In Tokyo, Japan; Denver, U.S.A.; Miri and Limbang, Malaysia; we have our Boba Chic brand Licensing Teashops. We look forward to delivering our brand concept to every corner of world, that is, keep creating innovative drinks and find your favorite, your own drink. What's more? If you want to start your teashop business, we also have teashop courses. Feel free to contact us!