How to Make Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Boba?

Feng Mei Lin

Summer is coming, people who cannot stand queuing in front of the tea shop under the sun patiently just for a cup of brown sugar milk tea with boba.

To avoid this kind of situation, we actually can do it by ourselves, just follow our recipe and you can enjoy it at home!



  • 50g  BOBA CHiC Instant Boba
  • 50g  Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder Mix
  • 200 c.c. Hot Water and 200g Ice cubes



  1. Tear open the instant boba and put into a microwave. Heat up for 20 seconds at 800W.
  2. Put 50g Okinawa brown sugar milk tea powder and 200 c.c. hot water into a glass cup; stir well until dissolved.
  3. Pour instant bobas into the glass cup and then add 200g ice cubes. A perfect cup of boba brown sugur milk tea is ready to serve!