How to Make Authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea?

Feng Mei Lin

How to Make Authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea?

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea originates from Taichung, Taiwan, the ingredients are tea, creamer, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls. It has unique taste and attracts countless customers. We can say it is an international beverage. People around the world are pursuing the taste of bubble tea. Let's learn how to make authentic Taiwanese bubble tea from Boba Chic School.


✔ Ingredients:
- Jixuan Black Teabags*2
- 125ml fresh milk
- Instant Boba*1
- 30 cc Fructose
- Ice cubes


1. Put 2 teabags and 300ml hot water into a cup. Steep for 12 minutes.
2. Add 125ml fresh milk.
3. Put fructose (optional) and ice cube into cup and stir it well to serve a cup of delicious milk tea.
4. Put instant baba into boil water for 1 minute or microwave for 20 seconds, and then add the bobas into the milk tea.
Now you have a cup of yummy and chewy Taiwanese bubble tea!