How to Make Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Boba?

Summer is coming, people who cannot stand queuing in front of the tea shop under the sun patiently just for a cup of brown sugar milk tea with boba.

To avoid this kind of situation, we actually can do it by ourselves, just follow our recipe and you can enjoy it at home!......

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How to Make a Cup of Taro Bubble Milk Tea?

Taro milk tea is very recognizable beverage in Asia. It is an old-school style beverage which has great smell and creamy taste. It is notable for the color, and swept throughout Asia and the West recently.......

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How to Make Authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea originates from Taichung, Taiwan, the ingredients are tea, creamer, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls. It has unique taste and attracts countless customers. We can say it is an international beverage. People around the world......

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